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From early years childcare to higher education study.

An education group including operations spanning both the UK domestic and international education sectors, OVEG offers a broad spectrum of education, training and learning opportunities. 

Comprising a number of different education brands, our education portfolio leads to;

  • new qualifications,

  • new opportunities

  • new careers and we hope,

  • new experiences and

  • new friendships in

  • new places.  

It is our belief that life’s journey which includes a great education at its core, is the passport to fresh opportunities, new challenges and potentially, life-changing experiences.

Back to School with Mask

"We believe that nothing is more important than the Education journey."

In the Classroom


We believe our role throughout our education provision is to equip every learner under our care with the qualifications, skills and experiences which are the springboard to a lifetime of success and fulfilment, thought our values.

  • COLLABORATION: Emphasising teamwork, respect and inclusive approaches to achieve more together

  • EXCELLENCE: Focusing on quality, professionalism, innovation and leadership to stand out in our endeavours. 

  • WELL-BEING: Prioritising safety and creating positive, fun and motivating environments for all. 

  • INCLUSIVITY: Promoting diversity and inclusivity, believing in the potential of everyone.

  • INTEGRITY: Upholding professionalism, reliability and ethical behaviour in all our actions.  

"At OVEG we aspire to prepare our students to play their part on the world stage as future global citizens."

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